The street minstrel returns!

Neon lights, mile-wide billboards, and monster screens are not the only things that make Times Square a wonderland. On the ground – far below the hi-tech spectacles, and scattered throughout the hoards who visit the theater district each day – are live actors performing for the crowds. via blogstage.backstage.com   Yes another clipping from Backstage… … Read more The street minstrel returns!

So, You Wanna Start a Theater Company?

So, You Wanna Start a Theater Company?By Simi HorwitzAugust 4, 2011 via www.backstage.com It is my contention that the future for actors is to form groups where you create and own the product. The "producers fee" from the sale of the product will be the only way actors can earn a living by acting. This … Read more So, You Wanna Start a Theater Company?