Master Class

Unless you are doing a play, or in a theater company,  you are probably using your auditions to stay in practice as an actor.  Auditioning isn’t a real substitute for scene work. Plus, doing scenes with real people and trying out roles you’d never get called in for is just fun.

We created our Master Class for that very reason, so graduates of Westlake Acting Studio (or any other program) who want to stay vital as actors had a place to go that would challenge them and keep them current and fresh in their process. Who doesn’t look forward to a weekly dose of creative exercise?

The class is paid for on a monthly basis so you can stay as long or short as you like, the only rule is that if you start a scene with someone that you stay long enough to complete the scene so no partners are left behind. Scenes usually take 4-6 weeks to be prepared and realized. And you can work on more than one scene at a time (if partners are available; partners are chosen from classmates). Last year, each Master Class participant completed an average of four scenes. Scenes can be brought into class or assigned.

This video is just to get a sense of Markus teaching, the information written within it is no longer accurate,