Master Class

Do you think that auditioning every day with the techniques that you learned in class keeps you supple as a professional? Not quite! Auditioning isn’t acting because it is no substitute for the rigors of character preparation and scene work.

That’s why we created our Master Class for the graduates of Westlake Acting Studio (or any other program) who want to stay vital as actors. In Master class you will refresh your skills by doing exercises, scenes and even improv. You will challenge yourself and be challenged. Unlike our structured classes, come and go to with our Master Class as you wish.

Scenes usually take 4-6 weeks to be prepared and realized. And you can work on more than one scene at a time (if partners are available; partners are chosen in class). Last year, each Master Class participant completed an average of four scenes. Scenes can be brought into class or assigned. The only caveat: you must complete any scene that you start in the Master Class.

Master Class meets Mondays from 6pm until 10 pm. Tuition is just $175 per month – the best professional preparation bargain you will find. If you are interested to join our Master Class, then please email me and we’ll get you enrolled.