Started my day in Ireland

I walked outside my house today, here in southern Cal, and damned if I wasn’t hit with the feeling that I was standing in Ireland. The bite of the air temperature was exactly like Ireland. The sky was the same color as many mornings I had there when starting the days trek to yet another … Read more

The snobbery of actors

It’s funny with all the social network pages that we still have a snobbery of acting technique. Of success. You would think that with the ability to read others thoughts we’d realize that we’re all about the same in our insecurity. But, there is this thing with actors where we rate each other’s value on … Read more

SAG Actors, the next casualty of war.

If you read the business section of the LA Times today you might have seen an article about how the current SAG President and his #1 civilian executive are prepping for the strongest showing of negotiating force that the producers/studios have seen yet. What I find interesting is that as this president prepares to take … Read more

The Help Actors Get

Recently I went to a social network page devoted to “helping” actors and read the posts. The moderator is in casting and says he started the discussion page to help actors. So I read a post that was designed to help actors by letting them know what bad habits were hurting them. I saw him … Read more

Reality? Fear not.

During this strike, news of networks on the lookout to sign up more reality TV to use in place of scripted shows might be causing you some concern for our future. Well, first, it’s not actually reality TV, it’s a “semi-scripted” TV. Which means that a few producers found a way to get around union … Read more


The book has only been out a few weeks and I’m pleased to say I’ve been on KVMD’s SoCal Life talking about the book and a few signings are being arranged by the publisher right now. I have an invitation to come to Arizona and appear on AM AZ when I’m in town promoting the … Read more