Markus Flanagan

Markus was lucky to have graduated from the The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York after two years of being taught by Mr. Meisner.  The benefit of this first hand instruction is that Markus teaches it as it was taught to him. The exercises and the ideals of this technique, honed over 60 years, have proven reliable for any actor seeking authentic, spontaneous, repeatable, performances. Every teacher will bring their own style to getting those exercises across and helping each student understand and use them and Markus feels that anyone brave enough to come to class to try and make their art better deserves all the compassion and help he can offer. In our effort to examine the truth of our humanity we must be available to whatever we learn, this makes us constructively fragile. Fragile with a purpose. This is why class will always be about exploring, risking and encouraging one another, it will never be competitive or harsh. Markus lived through and despised classes designed to, “toughen you up for the real world.” The real world is with us everyday, no one needs a lesson in cruelty to prepare for life as an actor. The reason anyone went to “The Playhouse” was because you received professional level skills that prepared you “to be a working actor the day you left school.”

This held true for Markus who quickly went to work and is still a working actor with a 35-year career that includes stage roles like the New York production of Bus Stop (which later traveled to London) and the premiere of Lee Blessing’s Down the Road at the Humana Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

 Markus has been a regular in film and television, as a series regular on ABC, NBC and Nickelodeon and over one hundred and fifty TV episodes on shows like The Morning Show, Better Things, The Rookie, Seinfeld, Friends, CSI, NCIS, and many more. His film roles include Biloxi Blues, Life As We Know It, Blue Steel, Born on the 4th of July. Markus has also directed episodic TV for Nickelodeon.

As a writer, Markus has seen seven of his stage plays produced and Fox and Hallmark have purchased his spec feature screenplays. Not least, he authored One Less Bitter Actor, a handbook for actors trying to make it today. The book is constructive dialog from a career working actor with smart advice on the daunting task of reconciling the actor’s ego with the harsh edge of show business.

In addition to directing the Westlake Acting Studio, Markus lectures and guest teaches at theater programs all over the country. Watch Markus Flanagan on Good Morning Colorado discussing his experience in the industry. Find him on the Internet Movie Database.

Markus has taught Meisner Masterclasses in Dublin, London, Manchester and Bristol.

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