I can honestly say that meeting and working with Markus changed not only the trajectory of my career but also of my life. The attention to detail that was demanded of me made me excel in other areas of my life, be it as a director working with actors on a new piece, or a heightened empathetic ear in my daily life. After developing a deep respect for the Meisner technique, Markus helped me apply and get into the Neighborhood Playhouse. It was an intense first year and I know that I was set up for success to be invited to the second year because of my time with Markus. Now in my career as a theatre maker, director, and educator, the foundations which I learned way back from that first year still lead me. I direct actors and singers to portray the truth of every unanticipated moment, and I empower my students with the excitement I had when first learning from Markus about the depth a good listener has onstage. Do yourself this favor and accept this challenge for your artistry.”-Diane Machin-(Cal Lutheran 2010-2011) Visiting Professor of Theatre Arts at GVSU and Resident Assistant Director at Opera Theatre of St. Louis

As a woman, I felt safe and supported by Markus and my classmates to be vulnerable and to express myself truthfully. He has a genuine interest in the growth and development of every student, and the innate ability to recognize individual weaknesses and strengths, and how to guide towards the latter. The technique can be challenging because you have to stay present, be truthful, and often push outside of your comfort zone. He knows when boundaries need to be pushed and when not to be pushed to achieve success with his students. Although classes can sometimes be daunting, especially for those new to Meisner, you can rest assured that it is a safe and welcoming learning space. I would also like to add that Markus has a formidable presence which I always found to be very inspiring.” –Arial Evans (Cal Lutheran 2016-17 and In-studio classes)

I loved/love my whole Meisner experience. Mr. Markus pushes you to be the best you can be while creating a professional atmosphere of working hard, no excuses, and never being late. Those three phrases have helped me in my own career get into doors that weren’t accessible before training. The group you start out with, you get to know very well. You laugh together, cry together, and most importantly grow together. I wouldn’t trade my experience in Meisner for anything. One thing I am always told whether it be in class or on set is that I am a good listener. I attribute that all to Mr. Markus and Mr. Meisner’s technique.”- Joshua Tamir (Cal Lutheran 2018-20 and in-studio classes)

“Going into Markus’ class, we are asked to use our imagination and create realistic circumstances in a way that few acting classes ask of its students. This can be nerve racking at times because bringing the bare minimum into a scene is never an option in Markus’ classroom. He pushes us to tap into our specific truths in order to understand and truly hear one another. He guides students to grasp the importance of bringing clear and specific intentions into our practice while encouraging us not to second guess ourselves. Class becomes a close knit family of trust and safety where exploring and failing is necessary and allowed. Even if you are not an actor, his classes and the Meisner technique can provide valuable tools and insights for everyday life. Listening and responding truthfully are core to the practice which I have personally carried with me ever since.” –Elyse Sinklier (Cal Lutheran 2010-11)

“I’ve grown so much as an actor through my years of studying with Markus. I’ve taken both years of Meisner and several years of his Master class. It was so beneficial to learn from someone who studied directly with Sanford Meisner and actually learn the Meisner technique, not a mish-mashed version that so many others teach. I’ve taken countless other acting classes where you learn nothing, get lost in a crowd of students, and only seem to be there to boost the ego of the teacher. Markus genuinely cares about the success of his students and takes the time to see what each student needs to learn and pushes you so that you can grow as an actor. I would learn more in one class with Markus than in 6 weeks with other teachers. He will definitely push you as an actor and expect a lot from you, so if you’re lazy and looking for the same old cookie cutter class, his may not be the class for you!”- Adriana Adler (Cal Lutheran 2014-15 and in-studio classes)

The Missing Peace: As a 30something amongst college teens I had real apprehension in some classes but in Markus’ class it never was an issue. His classes provided the techniques I didn’t know I was lacking which grew my confidence in myself, and comfort while performing. Even more valuable was how Markus helps his students become comfortable with the uncomfortable elements of both learning in a classroom, and performing on stage (or camera.) His class was one of my best experiences at Cal Lutheran University.”- Erik Klein (Cal Lutheran 2011-13)

Markus challenged me to get out of my ego and my comfort zone, stripping away all the BS that gets in the way of honest acting. Because of Markus and the Meisner technique, I am able to connect to any material and scene partner in a way that I didn’t think was possible.” –Amanda Chial (Cal Lutheran 2011-13)

” There were some moments where I wanted to run away because it felt so hard at times dealing with my own emotions but that’s the beauty of his class and that’s also what makes acting so wonderful and unique is we HAVE to feel the things that most people don’t want to. Being so vulnerable is a very scary thing, but I always felt so safe and supported by my classmates and by Markus. I would recommend this class to everyone. The knowledge I have gained goes much farther than acting. I have learned life lessons and how to truly connect with the others and I thank this technique and the teachings of Markus for that.”- Danielle Tyler (In-studio class)

I was reading the book “Sanford Meisner on Acting” while taking Markus’ class and Meisner’s classes and Markus’ are nearly identical. The technique really laid a great framework for me and my craft. I have not approached a character or scene the same way since studying with Markus. I find his teaching process very hands-on and puts you in a listening-first environment, the absolute fundamental key to acting.”-Jordan Oram (Cal Lutheran 2013-15)

When I first met Markus I was a shy, young student-actor struggling with enormous insecurity. Studying Meisner technique gave me the confidence to enter any scene, under any circumstances and deliver an authentic performance. Under Markus’ guidance I learned to truly listen not only when giving a performance, but in every aspect of my life. I will always be grateful that I was challenged and encouraged to bring my true self into every class. I rely on the lessons Markus and Meisner taught me every day.” –Jessica Ann Black (Cal Lutheran 2011-14)

Living truthfully in the scene. Markus’s class gave me a great introduction into the acting world at a young age. Being believable in a scene is key, having an understanding of the scene and what it means to be truthful for you is what unlocks the art. Markus developed a supportive environment for me and my classmates that strengthened our creative muscles and joined us together in a life long community. More than just acting, his class has improved my day to day life. Being able to stay honest within myself and living my truth in every moment.”- Jacob Aaron Gaines (In-studio class)

“Meeting and working with Markus has been a true gift. He is not only a friend and colleague but an inspiration to all who come in contact with him. I have brought him in as a guest artist to my classes and every student has always thanked me afterwards. He is a master at teaching his craft while being respectful, kind and compassionate in his work with the students.”- Rebecca Simon– Asst. professor of voice and speech The School of Theatre and Dance at ECU (Dialects specialist for my students)

“I grew exponentially with Markus. After three years of studying with Markus and two years in a graduate drama school program in the UK, I can tell to you that what he offers is something entirely unique that you will not find in a university classroom. Markus’ teachings will help you prepare for the rigors, and demands placed on you across all fields of the acting profession. Discipline, and creativity are pillars in the craft of acting. Markus gave me opportunities to push myself, to reach outside of my comfort zone, and to abandon old habits that were not serving me to be more truthful in the moment. I am a better actor and  creative because of him.”  –Logan Chase MFA (Cal Lutheran 2014-16 and in-studio classes)

“Markus taught me some of the most foundational and essential tools for my acting career. He creates a space where actors can be challenged to grow and reach the edge of their potential, while always embodying respect and compassion as his students cultivate such vulnerability. Markus will see the greatness in you and subtly guide you toward it, and without perhaps even fully realizing, his students develop a great strength and presence not only in their acting, but their lives as a whole.”– Georgia Gould (In-studio class)

Markus Flanagan not only changed the course of my career, but he also changed my life for the better. I signed up to study the Meisner technique to build on my skills as an actor. Markus taught me invaluable tools which allowed me to listen, be present, and live fearlessly in the moment. Under his guidance, I booked more jobs and even honed my skills as a writer. His mentorship led me to ultimately carve out a career as an entertainment journalist, living out a lifelong dream. Learning from Sanford Meisner’s student is a wonderful privilege I’ll always be grateful for, but finding a forever friend in Markus is genuinely the most tremendous honor.”- Sari Cohen -Head writer at INLOVE Magazine & journalist/producer at “Hollywood First Look” (In-studio Classes)

“Being a student of Markus’s for the past couple of years was the best decision I could’ve made as an actor. He treats his students like family, with the utmost respect. He has always made sure to create a welcoming and safe place in class and allowed and encouraged every student to be their full authentic self. If you want an acting coach that will help you reach that next level of authenticity in your acting, Markus will help you do that. I admire and respect Markus for his teachings, he has taught me not only what it means to be an actor but how to become an artist and how to unapologetically embrace who I am and bring that to my work. Markus’ powerful teachings will last me a lifetime.”- Nick Schultz (In-studio class)

“‘Ridiculously knowledgeable’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Markus Flanagan. I had the pleasure of working with Markus as his producer during portions of his filming of “Rogues of LA” and working with him was one of the most collaborative relationships I’ve experienced in entertainment. He’s got the ability to command a room like few have the capability of doing so. He is so supportive of his students and others in his networks that he can and will recommend them to the appropriate gigs, events, filmings, etc. for that person. Throughout the last decade I’ve stayed in contact with Markus as he’s always willing to talk shop and answer my questions, no matter how mundane they may be. Any person that is remotely interested in pursuing a serious career in entertainment should do themselves a favor and work with Markus.- Ashton Williams ( Web series producer)

“Markus’s class is phenomenal. I’ve taken various Meisner classes in the past and none of them come close to Markus’s. Markus taught me how to be the most authentic version of myself in one of the most welcoming and safe learning environments I have ever experienced. The tools and skills I’ve learned from him these past couple of years will benefit me for the rest of my life. There is no better place to go if you’re serious about acting. The knowledge Markus has to offer is simply unbeatable. “- Jordyn Brown (Studio class online-Portland)

“I had only briefly heard about the Meisner technique before Markus came to my acting workshop in Bristol (England) to do an introductory session. I was fascinated by it from day 1 and didn’t think it twice when he opened up the course to online students outside of the US. I really have enjoyed the entire Meisner course, and even though I might have not been aware of how much it was improving my acting at first, it didn’t take long to start receiving comments about it and how much this course was making me improve as an actor.  Markus has been a fantastic teacher, always keen to hear our questions and reply to each one of them, always reassuring us at every step of the way and pushing us when we needed that extra nudge. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in the Meisner Technique in the future, this course has definitely changed my life.”- Elvira Higueras Garcia (Studio class online-UK)

Markus is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. Not only will he give you the tools that you need to be able to listen and stay in the moment, but his in depth industry knowledge is invaluable. Still a working actor today he knows what it takes to book and to act well no matter what the production is. Markus gives an extremely personalized and specific approach to each actor honing in on what they might be missing and what can amplify their acting to a professional level and beyond. To me he’s one of the great acting teachers of our time and a hidden gem. I have taken many workshops and technique classes, and Markus‘s class stands out as the best decision I made for an acting course.”- Matt Vann (In-studio class)

“I loved learning from Markus! He created a safe environment for us to discover our own truth and then showed us how to express that truth in our performance. I trained as an actor for years but Markus’s tutelage in the Meisner Technique developed my acting skills to new levels. He took time to teach our class the right way and moved us along to next steps only when we were ready. He’s very respectful to his students, which I really appreciated, fun to work with, an excellent Teacher. Thank you, Markus!” –Michaelle Blanchard (Studio online class-Portland)