Professional Meisner Technique Training now enrolling in London.

(There are no longer any classes in Thousand Oaks, Ca..)

Our new First Year class will begin March 6, 2024. The class will meet Wednesday Nights from 6-8:30pm in Ealing. Please make a deposit below to secure your place in class.

This is a full Meisner technique course, this is not a workshop. If you are looking for an abbreviated version that purports to give you Mr. Meisner’s technique in 6 weeks, this is not the class for you. The aim is to deliver the most authentic Meisner class possible, taught the way Mr. Meisner taught it. Class is described here.

This class will run from March 2024 to May 2025 with summer and winter holiday breaks. Yes, that seems like a long time but without weekly classes over several months, technique does not become an understood, usable and habitual practice — it remains a curiosity.

If you have taken Meisner classes elsewhere and would like to join the current second year class, a consult with Markus is needed. Please email him:

(Class is £135/pcm. All classes are paid for at the beginning of each month and are the same cost regardless of the number of weeks in that month. Over the course of the year it averages out to 4 weeks a month of class which includes holiday breaks. There are no credits given for missed classes; credit is only given if a class is canceled.)

(If you come to the first class and decide it’s not for you, your deposit will be refunded.)

Contact us with any question about class.

Meisner First Year class Wednesdays 6p-8:30pm

About the Instructor

Markus Flanagan

“In class, Mr. Meisner always said, ‘the seed to the root of acting, is the reality of doing.'” Markus Flanagan created the Westlake Acting Studio in 2008 with the goal of passing on exactly what he learned from Mr. Meisner. This technique can’t be learned by reading a book, it must be introduced, practiced, and reinforced properly in class until you have married your authentic, truthful, spontaneous behavior with the writer’s words.

Markus at the Neighborhood Playhouse

That’s living truthfully under the imaginary circumstance.

Markus studied with Mr. Meisner at The Neighborhhood Playhouse where he graduated from the two year program.