Studio Classes

Beginner On-Camera and Scenes for Ages 10+

For studio classes that will prepare you to work as a professional actor, look no further than our Beginner On-camera Commercial and our Advanced Scenes classes. Many of you will audition for the jobs that working actors often first land: under five’s and brief guest spots as well as four basic types of commercials: copy, improv, group and spokesperson. The Beginner On-camera Commercial and Advanced Scenes Commercial classes are focused on getting you work in the entertainment industry. Tell me more!

Meisner & Master Class

The Meisner Technique is a two-year professional training for both serious actors and those who want to become better authentic listeners. The Meisner technique is ‘listening based.’ Using the technique that Sanford Meisner pioneered, you will learn to listen a moment at a time, without an agenda, to hear exactly what is going on in your partner. Life teaches us to listen defensively, art demands that we don’t. Tell me more!

Improv for Everyone. Yes, you!

Most people fear this style of expression because they think you have to be a crazy fast thinker to do it but here is the secret to Improv; There are steps and rules and guidelines that make anyone able to perform in Improv class. That’s right. Everyone has their own brand of humor and storytelling. These classes lay out the easy steps one takes that make “being funny” easy. Tell me more!