Wow…just found this blog…

Okay, while looking for links on my book to update the site I found this blog by a fellow actor, teacher and Meisner student. It was written in 2009 and it's about me and a play I did years ago and a questionable incident that he compliments me for but I have to say I don't remember at all. His manner is quite nice and he points out that I affected him in a good way, but gosh…it's odd not to remember things like that.

The social network is really a replacment for the old "I went to a play once and the guy on stage…" kind of dialog we used to have and overhear and then of course repeat to others. Now…we can just bring up the original source of the "rumor." people are being quoted on their blogs. Which is just ramblings isn't it?

In any event, I write this as an endorsement of the sharing of personal dialog among artists and how we should seek to influence one another with how we feel about what we encounter in this journey of life and career.



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