The street minstrel returns!

Neon lights, mile-wide billboards, and monster screens are not the only things that make Times Square a wonderland. On the ground – far below the hi-tech spectacles, and scattered throughout the hoards who visit the theater district each day – are live actors performing for the crowds.



Yes another clipping from Backstage…

I just loved this idea of actors taking to the streets to promote other actors and their shows in NYC. They hand out discount vouchers for shows. This might be the difference between people seeing the show and not, due to finances. I believe that art should be affordable for all if a society is to remain civilized. This isn't quite that but it's win-win in that actors take to the streets and…act for the sake of getting folks into theatres cheaper. It's a slice of genius. I also love the comment by one of them that now that he now loves toursist and the chaos of Times Square.

This looks really fun and as far as marketing goes, it's nice to think someone in the theatre world thought to use live actors to promote live theatre. What took so long?

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