A Titan Falls…farewell Mr. Kloos!

When my father died I grew very tired of people telling me “he lived in me” so I “didn’t have to miss him.” Yesterday, the greatest High School Music teacher of all time, died. He was the greatest because he  provided that ever fragile tipping point moment in so many of our lives.  He gave … Read more


I saw a post today and loved it. It’s about getting through being blocked and I’m stealing it for you. It’s more for writers and designers but surely when looking the same words of a script ovger or trying to write the next scene weve all just been arrested by how stupid we are and … Read more

The waiting room…

Advice from CD Paul Schnee this morning in Back Stage. The bold is my emphasis. and something I stress in my book. Q: What are some typical audition room mistakes? “There’s nothing really typical since every project we do is different. But in general it’s nice to see people come in who can read the … Read more

Polone: How Pilot Season Ensures That Great Actors Rarely Land the Right Shows — Vulture

Hollywood is one month into pilot season. By the end of February, the networks will have culled the scripts they had been developing during the prior half-year and will order a select group of pilots for production. (Final decisions on which of these go to series is made in May.) But as the chosen scripts … Read more