I saw a post today and loved it. It’s about getting through being blocked and I’m stealing it for you. It’s more for writers and designers but surely when looking the same words of a script ovger or trying to write the next scene weve all just been arrested by how stupid we are and how silly our ideas can be. We get stuck. Mostly by fear but also because we keep asking the same inner sources to deliver a newer and more brilliant idea.

I would add to this list…

1. Watch a foreign movie that someone told you is excellent or a noted reviwer claims is genius.Consider that the way a story is told in this country by this filmmaker is not what you are used to.

2. Read a great play again to hear something you didn’t the first time.

3. Go to a small theatre production of a play you’ve never heard of and recognize all the effort these artists have put into just getting the evening off the ground.

4. Call a friend actor who is doing really well and tell them you are happy to see them working and moving forward. See what comes of the next few sentences from them. I bet you learn a lot.

What would you add? Do you have any can’t miss get-through-it ideas?  Curious…