Improv for Everyone. Yes, you!

Westlake Acting Studio offers monthly classes in Improv.. You don’t have to be gifted to learn how to express yourself. You only need a willingness to laugh at your own life’s adventures. We meet the 3rd Monday of each month September to May.

The class is affordable! There is a drop-in per class fee of just $20 (studio members $15). Registration is open now! Simply pre-pay a drop-in fee using PayPal. Contact us with any questions about scheduling.

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Most people fear this style of expression because they think you have to be a crazy fast thinker to do it but here is the secret to Improv; There are steps and rules and guidelines that make anyone able to perform in Improv class. That’s right. Everyone has their own brand of humor and storytelling. These classes lay out the easy steps one takes that make “being funny” easy.

Classes are taught by Improv veterans who are part of Improv Troupes of their own. They come to us as specialists to make sure we are getting top shelf instruction.