Beginner Classes: On-Camera Commercial and Scene work

Our Beginner On-Camera Commercial will prepare you to work as a professional commercial actor. Many of you will audition for the jobs that working actors often first land: commercials. The Beginner On-Camera Commercial class is focused on getting you ready for auditing and booking commercials in the entertainment industry. We cover the four basic types of commercials: copy, improv, group and spokesperson are covered and from here you can arrive at any commercial audition with an understanding of why lies ahead. The Beginner Scenes class is focused on helping you decide if acting is what you thought it would be, what you like about it and how far you want to take your training!

Beginner On-Camera Commercial class

The next class session is TBD

Beginner On-camera Commercial class puts you in front of the lens! You will become accustomed to performing in front of others and will learn to always be conscious of camera placement. Then at the end of each  class you will see your work, on screen, during that days playback. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on your work! The class meets Sundays from 10am-12pm. Use PayPal for your refundable deposit. Contact us with a question about the on-camera commercial class.

On-Camera / Commercial Beginner

Beginner/Adv Scenes Classes

THE NEXT SESSION is Adv Scenes beginning on Jan 26th (1-3pm) for 4 weeks

 Scenes Class emphasizes scene work, improvisation and, breaking down a script for the clues that you need to make it your own. Whereas the On-Camera class is acting with a camera for commercials, scenes class is theatrical acting with a partner. This class is not filmed; the emphasis is on performance.

The Beginner class introduces you to the basics of interpreting a script, making clear the elements of the scene and communicating your point of view to your partner. Advanced Scenes class will reinforce those idea and introduce being truthful to the relationships, keeping your environment in focus and making you dialog a real conversation.

Contact us with a question about the Scenes classes.

Beginner/Adv Scenes Class

More About the Classes

Beginner On-camera Commercial class is $275 for the 4-6 week session and Beginner Scenes is $300 for 6 weeks. Advanced Scenes class is $200-4 weeks. Class meets once per week for 2 hours.  Each class is limited to ten students (with a maximum of twelve if siblings do attend).

Course Syllabi

Beginner On-Camera Commercial

  • Week # 1- Introduction to the world of commercial acting – emotions – The slate – the process – The art of mastering copy –
  • Week # 2 – Continued work on copy – intro to storyboards – and one liners
  • Week # 3 – Dual and group auditions – intro to improv basics
  • Week # 4 – Improvisational commercials – comedic and sketch comedy and today’s commercial world
  • Week # 5 – Improv work and mock commercial auditions
  • Week # 6 – Recap and marketing

Beg Scenes

  • photo_17Week # 1 – Improv warm up, intro to acting with partner, contentless scenes, Showcase scene #1 handed out, read and walked through.
  • Week # 2 – Improv warm up, Showcase scene #1 rehearsed, 2nd showcase scene walked through.
  • Week # 3 – Improv warm up, Showcase scene #2 rehearsed, 3rd showcase scene handed out and walked through.
  • Week # 4 – Improv warm up, 3rd scene rehearsed.
  • Week # 5 – Improv warm up, All 3 scenes rehearsed for final week.
  • Week # 6 – Final scene work with review and discussion about acting as a career.