The Music Never Stopped, neither did he….

I met this friend years ago through another friend. We were all actors but this guy had won an award for acting at UCLA. He was a somebody acting student. UCLA was the real deal in the acting world. I didn't know the program's particulars, but gosh, UCLA had to be a tough acting school to get into and this guy…was voted the best in his class? With it came a walk-on part on a TV show.  He would get his SAG card too!? Damn this guy was somebody!

Cut to many years later and his film, "The Music Never Stopped," will be opening on March 18th. A film he wrote. Gary Marks has long since stopped acting but he became a director and producer and a really smart writer.  He told me getting this film made was a testament to giving your script out as long as it takes to get it made. He didn't direct it but he says that's around the corner. The moral of the story is, the guy deserves what he's getting.

The movie struggled to get made and went to Sundance and got bought and we get to see it March 18th. A minor movie Cinderella story. More evidence of the stick to it theory of "How to succeed in the arts." I'd be a liar if I didn't tell you I was struggling with that myself these days. Sticking to it. Faith gets hard to find some days, then guys like Gary remind you that sometimes the hard work pays off and your film gets made and it's a film you're proud of. It's nice to see one of the good guys in this Biz see his time in amount to the expression he was hoping for. Are there good guys and bad guys? Uh, yeah. This is the Biz…it's loaded with bad guys.

So hit the link above and go see the film and write to me and I'll send Gary all your words. The trailer makes me want to go see it for sure, but I'm also rooting for it hard. On the site you can hit the RSVP TO A SCREENING link to go to an early screening in a few towns, maybe you'll get anxious and pop out and see it first. If you do you'll be supporting one of the good guys.


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