Last of the Globes

Here are two Globes inspired articles. The lovely byproduct of the mostly useless Golden Globes; the provocation of thought and emotion about the biz.

The first is from a woman I don't know but it's a brief thought on the horror of when art is the last consideration when making movies (I guess she saw The Tourist).

The next is a great article in the LA Times about the emails explaining how offended people were by Ricky Gervais and how dare he vulgarize something as sacred and honest as the Golden Globes! And how this conclusion that he made the show unwatchably bad only came after watching all 3 hours of the show. Ms. McNamara makes the point that maybe then we have reached a grotesque level of timewasting and if you want more from your culture then, um, demand it by shutting the TV off. Ms. McNamara is a TV critic for the Times.

I especially love the last paragraph in the article…

"If you actually saw Ricky Gervais raising a banner for revolution, then revolt. Talk about politics, science, literature and theater, follow the lives of humanitarians and great thinkers, of real social provocateurs and artists. It's your culture; take it back."

Holy smokes! Well done. Since when does an LA Times crtic actually criticize the biz? There's a bit of spine for ya!

I bet she's Irish.

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