The Community Grows!

Yesterday I auditioned in a room where you could clearly hear the person inside auditioning and there wasn't really any place else to wait. So, we had to listen. In my book I recommend you take a walk so you can't hear the auditioner but sometimes, as in this case, you are stuck in a waiting room having to hear the part you are about to read for, being read by someone else. All of us waiting to go smiled at one eachother that shared discomfort smile.

Here was the lovely unforseen by product of that; when I came out of my audition, a younger actor, going in for a different role, looked up from his pages and said to me, "Sounded good man." That comment knocked me out. It was so warm and so uncommon that I had to collect myself for a beat before I thanked him.

Why is that the first time I remember hearing something like that? And…from someone younger than my peer group? I gotta say that will now be a regular part of my waiting room interaction when appropriate. It felt great to hear that simple comment from someone who's in the same line of fire.

The community of less bitter actors must grow!

Here is blog of someone (full disclosure-who follows my blog) who is inviting people along for her "adventure…hustling from one audition to the next." I love the spirit of this girl and her willingness to offer help, ask for help, and grow her community as one of us.

The social network revolution is all about connecting with kindred souls and thereby growing your brand, but how often do we share a simple "nice job" to a fellow actor?

I did not get that job but I left feeling very good about the work I did there. That feeling was certainly bolstered by a small comment from a fellow actor. Influence your community, you have no idea what good it will do to those blessed souls around you brave enough to step into an audition. If every room you went into was a bit warmer, a bit friendlier, a bit more of a cheering section for you…wouldn't the drudgery lessen and the fun emerge?

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