Another week…another bit of luck

I just booked a job on The Defenders a new CBS show that looks to be fun. The dialog is Lawyer serial-ish but really witty.  When I auditioned I asked Felicia Fasano and Jessi Targum (great ladies by the way) how stiff they wanted this FBI guy and they said, "have fun." So I did and sure enough, a day later they were asking for quotes.

It's nice to feel like auditions do actually connect to jobs, it can feel like no matter what one does, the second call about the audition never comes.

I have three simple scenes that I will surely make fun by playing an FBI guy with as much humor as I can get away with. That's the curse of the creative mind, eh?  "How much can I do and still be within the boundaries of the character?"

Makes me think of that video I blogged about a while back…"I got one line on the Sopranos…"

Stay tuned.

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