Every year on my birthday I sit and watch my favorite film of all time with my girls.  I call it my favorite film because I watched it at their ages and was absolutely shaken by it. It helped explain feelings I was having about my life, and gave me hope that I wasn't just a guy floating through life hoping. It told me I could actually affect my outcome. At that point that was something I was sure wasn't up to me.

The nice thing is that as they get older I'm able to talk with them about deeper themes that run through the simplest bits of the film. I'm able to see it again and dissect why it affected me like it did and, really, how great a film it is.

(On a side note…what is "great"? It's a great film to me, so, it's a great film. Period. Don't let some outside consensus of judges tell what makes a great film, and don't be embarrassed to love a film that isn't on AFI's list.)

Got me to thinking…

If you died and people wanted to know what went on in your heart while you were alive, could you give them  3 films to watch that would help them understand who you were? What 5 songs would I tell them to listen listen to that would tell me who you are?

Some Kind of Wonderful was my high school days, as much as I liked The Breakfast Club and thought it reminded me of the inane rules of high school, it was Eric Stoltz and his pursuit of the pretty girl that made me say "oh god, that's me."

In America absolutely rocked me out of my seat when I saw it.  It reminded me of so much of my early NYC actor days, my early my family days and my struggle to feel connected to a place, a home. Jim Sheridan is clearly in my head when he makes films, or so it feels that way.

Can you list your 3 films?  I know I've only listed 2 but the third film, my favorite film, will remain a secret. It's too personal and it's only for my girls to know. A family secret that binds us.

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