Make it happen.

It never stops. Fear of the next, unknown,  thing is always there. It may be slight but very few things that we take on as totally new come without fear. Funny, eh? How do we deal with this? In the words of my friend  Erik King "If you're scared to do it and it matters to you… just do it scared."

Today I had a talk with the Athletic Director at the Junior High School my daughter goes to about coaching their softball team. After a simple interview on the phone, he seemed to think it would work out. I hung up and was hit by a feeling I'm very used to, it's the same feeling I get (and have gotten since my first acting job) right after I hear that the role I read for is mine; "Wait…am I sure I can do this? Maybe they made a mistake hiring me."  It's just a feeling but it seems to be there nearly every time I start something new. Even things I know I'm qualified to do!

I think that feeling is good news. Usually it means that whatever this new endeavor is has great meaning to me. Things you flat our fear for the right reasons, you don't even consider doing, but things that hold a challenge usually come with an insecurity. That's a tell. A tell can be a great thing. Use your tells to inform you about how your subconscious feels about any idea.

"I can't start acting at my age!"

"I always wanted to learn to play the piano, but I knew it would take a long time so I never got started."

That odd feeling will be there, but once over that hump, your bravery grows and your adventure becomes unmistakably necessary. Do it scared.

Anyone brave enough to attempt a life in the arts belongs there. Use that scary feeling to guide you to the risks that will keep you vital. Even if the scary thing is sitting for a photographer. Artists need to keep risking. Your bravery grows, your career grows. No one else's time table has to yours. Yes, there is truth in the warning; "If you're too scared to go to class you'll never be able to act in front of an audience!"  So, go to class scared and see if you belong there once the initial fear of the unknown is gone. Step in scared and see what you learn about yourself.

Fear is a great informer. Do it scared if need be, but make sure you keep doing. Acting is doing. Acting is not feeling and hoping, acting is doing.

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