Sitting with my teacher

Yesterday I sat with my teacher form the Neighborhood Playhouse. William Alderson has been teaching Meisner's technique for, well, 30 plus years. I'm sitting in and watching because I wanted to brush up on how to teach the technique. I'm starting a new class and I thought it would be a good idea to hear the technique from the same person that taught it to me.

Mr. Alderson honored my request and graciously invited me in. Wow… It was very interesting to hear the same dialog, the same specifics, from the same man that taught a scared, wide eyed, youngster many years ago. In that blessed room in NYC my world expanded as I soaked in this new idea.

Telling the truth is the best way tell this lie we're all in called a play.

Mind blowing, but gosh it made sense. Thank you Mr. Meisner for coming up with the technique.

Mr. Alderson reminded me of the little things it takes to get the main thing to add up. All the parts of the exercises that reveal those things that feel obvious, but without exploration, remain general. Specifics will save you as an actor. Specifics make you understand what makes you tick and what you have to offer the creative planet.

Reminders of what we are and how we got here, can give you some lovely affirmations of what you have to offer. I have great affection for the people that taught me to seek and find my truth. We do get blessed with good teachers along the way.

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