Just Haven’t Met You Yet

That's the title of the new Michael Buble song and video. This is one of the things I preach about when I discuss what makes one an artist. I make the point that I believe what makes an artist an artist is the fact that artists allow themselves to be inspired and they take it from wherever it comes, without judgement. 

When I was a kid I was watching the Super Bowl with my older brother and the half time show was a group called Up With People. I thought they didn't belong in the half time show. I made the assumption they were some kind of commercial religious group that comes at you in shopping malls asking you to come to camp with other "fun kids your age!" I'm not sure where I got that thought but I just knew I wasn't supposed to like or support this group of all-too-happy teens that ran on the field with streamers and smiles. Then they started, and they danced and they sang and they threw confetti and they smiled and it was wildly fun. Really fun. But I sat, still, watching and judging.

Suddenly my older brother, the single coolest guy I ever knew, the musician, the kid all the girls loved, jumped up and screamed "this is great!" and he danced a crazy dance with the dancers on the TV in our living room. 

I remember this as being one of those times when you get a door opened for you by someone who is just being themselves and you are given a life lesson. No, I didn't realize it right then, it hit me later in class. I wanted to feel great about the fun that was happening on the TV but told myself that it wasn't right, cool, supposed to be. Then Mike just let himself get caught up in it and we both went nuts. It was pure lunacy the two of us doing the swim and the twist and flailing around with not an ounce of discretion nor judgement in us. Two teen agers in Penndel Pennsylvania dancing with the TV with no apologies. If you had bet me a million dollars that my brother was capable of that I'd have taken that bet. He flat out shocked me. We fell back on to the couch at the end of it exhausted. Damn that was fun. 

This Michael Buble video hit me the same way. I was so happy that someone made an old fashioned, fun, video that just lifts us. I know Michael Buble to be a crooner of the love song. He's more of a jazz, swing, big band music guy, right? This is a swing band and old style crooner tune wedged into a pop song. Good for him. 

I love watching this video. It's a fantasy, a down right silly guilty pleasure. A marching band in a grocery store? The gorgeous woman in the frozen section who falls for him?  A store just brimming with great dancers who spill into the parking lot where mountains of confetti fall swirling this courtship? Yup downright silly.

And because of my brother I let myself fall prey to all it's tricks and fun and excitement. Taking a spark of creativity from wherever it comes is what makes us a creative community and feeds the artist. Be like my brother and go nuts for what makes you go nuts. You will feed your artist and I bet you'll inspire an artist close to you to do the same.

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