This is the greatest blog of all time…

A tip of the hat to Kanye for handing me that blog title.

You have to wonder how someone who professes he wants to use his celebrity for "good," ends up grandstanding through someone else's moment. Or maybe you don't have to wonder at all…

Sure this is way after the fact, everyone has had their say but as usual I ponder things for a bit and then I see how it can used as a lesson for, well, good.

Celebrity is just odd. Anyone who can make themselves a spectacle can become a celebrity and "capture the imagination" (see Sarah Palin) of America. Anyone.

Kanye is a talented musician. But what makes one stand in the wings at an awards show (which is truly the top of celebrity events) and become so outraged by the selection of a winner that they feel compelled to set the record straight for the poor soul who was robbed. As if Beyonce could ever be seen as an underdog that needs fighting for.

my first thought…really…? strategy. Beyonce is married to one of the most powerful musicians in the biz. I don't know the record label politics but I do know that it's good to have Jay-Z on your side. Wanna show him you'd take a bullet for him or his wife…? Stop an awards show to tell the world that Beyonce's work is the best of all time.

That's massive guts and a massive claim.

But what did it get him?


This tells me Kanye's world is so small and so insular that he's lost touch with the planet and knows only his needs.  If you ever find yourself thinking that it would be okay to insult someone because recognition is being given to someone for their effort that you see as not only wrong but wrong on an "all time" scale…know that you've left the world of reality and know live in your own world. It might be nice to live there for a while but reality is a bigger place and it will find you.

Like it found a tongue tied and lost looking Kanye on Leno.

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