A sweet job

So in this odd realm of the biz we find ourselves in where work is scare and the medium of how our work will be presented is evolving, Casting Director Karen Rea (who hired me out of the blue last year for a Soap Opera) again found me a job. I have a nice role on a terrific feature film being shot here in LA with a dynamite cast of actors. Her loyalty to me is astounding really. 
When I say "she found me a role," I mean she had me in mind for the film and a submission wasn't necessary. She just called my agent and said, "I want Markus for this, get his reel to me asap" and then set about making it happen with the Director and Producer. Which she did.
It's a lesson in faith and trusting that things are happening for your benefit even if you don't know about it. Everyday people make decisions that, directly or indirectly, affect your career. We try to control everything so we can chart our progress, but calls like the ones I've gotten from Karen are evidence that if you put your best work out, and remain a positive influence on the people you meet along the way, things will get working for your benefit even if you don"t know they're happening. 
As I've said before the size of the role and paycheck don't matter, the lesson is what matters. I'm on a set with really fun and really dedicated actors making a movie that is very clever and simple and funny. What more could an actor ask for? An exotic location? A huge payday? Sure, and nothing gets work like working.
There are always negative forces coming at you, they are to be ignored especially when they feel like the only forces coming at you. Trusting in the unseen efforts of others to benefit your career will help you ignore the negative dialog that seems to be much more prevalent.

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