Now more than ever

SAG won't be cutting a deal any time soon prolonging the misery (not that I'm saying they don't have a right to, we are absolutely getting a bad deal,  I'm remarking on the state of things) we need art now more than ever.

A brave new President is going to try to reshape the thinking of the institution and will face loads of contempt from the mainliners, we need great artists to speak up now more than ever.

The entire economy will falter even more in the coming 9 months due to more bad mortgages and it's going to make this a tough place to earn money, we need a song that will calm and strengthen us now more than ever.

Art is a bonding element, it's something big business will never have and we can teach them if we remember that it's our job to enlighten by being brave enough to do those things the art in us inspires us to do. in the coming months there will be no shortage of Chicken Littles, we need the most creative among us to raise our voices a bit louder with a message of clarity. It's going to be what it's going to be. Ireland boasted the most artists per capita back in the day and it's been said it was due to the level of ongoing suffering there with the famine, English occupation, and never ending foul weather. They just sang and wrote and acted out their misery. Great stories, great songs, by great men and women.

Now more than ever artists, create a world other than the one on Fox news that's dying to tell you the worst is coming and we're all screwed. We are really the only force capable of reaching many and changing thoughts quickly. Art will save the world if you join it.

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