SAG, AFTRA, and the inner war.

Sad really. We rely on our leaders to fight for us and want to believe that they are.

Why is AFTRA negotiating without us in the room? Is that a good thing? It’s not what SAG wanted so I guess it’s a bad thing.

Why would our leaders let that happen? Why is their even a “The Bold and Beautiful” disaster/misunderstanding/weirdness that would make the president of AFTRA walk away from us? Yes I got the email saying “nothing happened” from SAG but whatever did happen, we’re not united. SAG is the bigger union. Therefore it has to make the bigger decisions.

If we strike it will be the end of me and my career. The journeyman actor, the middle class guy who is 40 with a family, will lose his health insurance. I can’t allow a year of uninsured kids. So I’ll move on to another career and get my health insurance and the union I was part of for 22 years will go on without me.

I hope it doesn’t come to that. It’d be a shame to cash it all in because our leaders have decided that it’s okay to pit this actor against that actor for the favor of the producer. A producer who would pay actors minimum wage if they could.

The fact that there are factions within SAG is really, really, childish. That any actor would marginalize another actor due to income, address, or popularity is flat wrong. The agenda of the President should be the agenda of the union. There should never be a “Membership First vs. (fill in the blank)” vote. It’s petty and short sighted and stupid. We still have no agreement or standard language with Talent Agencies…wasn’t that part of this new reform? How has that worked out for us?

Children will be uninsured if you strike. Shame on both of the Presidents for not doing whatever it took to make sure that the families of it’s members had the best shot at getting the best deal they could. Divided we fall folks.

What were you thinking? Your ego’s are not important, your union’s families are what’s important. Please keep that in mind when you are crafting your speeches and laying out your clothes for the press conference. There is no wholesale victory here, there can only be compromise, that’s the nature of negotiation. I just hope you negotiate with the children of your union in mind and not the glory of your “factions”. Anyone who lets a petty squabble interfere with the bigger picture has to have their motivation called in to question.

If you make an “Us and Them” scenario come true, you should both go to detention until we can schedule a parent teacher conference to sort you out.

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