Westlake Acting Studio is proud to announce our summer programs are now open for registration. We offer something for everyone ages 12-and-up this year, with class sizes limited to allow every student an opportunity to get involved. Find the class that is right for you and book ahead to save your place. Book your Westlake Acting Studio summer camp now! Classes will fill up quickly!

Now Enrolling: Summer Acting Camps!
June 19-23 June 26-30
9AM-12PM Beginner On Camera 9AM-12PM Beginner On Camera
1PM-4PM Beginner scenes  1PM-4PM Beginner scenes
Summer acting classes are for all ages (10-and-up) and limited to 12.
Now Enrolling: Summer Filmmaking Camps!
July 10-14 July 17-21
9AM-12PM Beginner Filmmaking
on Your Phone
9AM-1PM Advanced Phone
Filmmaking & Editing
1PM-4PM Beginner Filmmaking
on Your Phone
Filmmaking classes are for all ages (13-and-up) and limited to 10.

Beginner Acting Camps in June

Our week-long June acting camps pack our years of experience teaching all ages into two three-hour summer classes for ages 10 and up. (Adults are welcome!) We have scheduled two sessions: June 19-23 and 26-30.

In the mornings from 9AM-12PM we offer our most popular Beginner On-Camera Commercial class. Students learn to act with the camera, this is the introduction to doing commercials as well as the basics of acting. We film each exercise and then play them back at the end of each session so students can see how their idea of performance aligns with how they came across. Also, watching yourself each class allows the students to easily chart their progress and address what they want to improve on day by day. These are essential skills for any performer!

In the afternoon we hold Beginner Scenes class from 1PM-4PM where students are introduced to “legitimate” acting which is TV, film and stage acting. The establishing of good habits at the beginning of your training is essential and we follows the Meisner theory of good habits where your point of view, communication with the other actor, and listening,  are the basis for a strong beginning to your acting pursuits. This is also very helpful to the person who is looking for a way to simply communicate better.

Our summer acting camps are limited to just 12 students (from ages 10 to adult) and are perfect for those who want an introduction to professional performance arts or who simply want to bolster their self-confidence by performing before a small group in a safe place.

Film making Camps in July

For aspiring filmmakers, we are offer two filmmaking classes that each distill into one week the experience we gained producing the web series, Rogues of LA. We offer a beginner 3-hour class that focuses on storytelling from July 10-14 followed by an advanced class the following week that emphasizes the craft of filmmaking from July 17-21. Both classes are for ages 13-and-up – adults are welcome.

Beginner Filmmaking on Your Phone is a three-hour class that meets from July 10-14 from 9AM-12PM OR from 1PM-4PM (choose one). The week-long introductory filmmaking class empowers students to tell their story in cinematic style beginning with nothing more than an idea and a mobile phone. This course will introduce the basic aspects of filmmaking: Screenwriting, acting, directing, filming and editing for the beginner filmmaker. Over the course of the week create a script, then cast, and finally produce each student’s (very) short film.

This is an introductory course. It is not meant to be a “master filmmaking in one week” course. It is about the essentials of storytelling: taking an idea from concept to small screen. This is an essential introduction for would-be screenwriters, too!

Advanced Filmmaking on Your Phone is a 4-hour class held the following week from July 17-21. It builds upon the essential storytelling skills by placing the focus on craft: camera skills, narrative communication, and finally desktop editing. We will use a handheld steady cam for motion shots and use iMovie to edit.

Requirements for Filmmaking on Your Phone: All students will need a phone with memory space sufficient for video capture. Beginning students should install an simple, free editing app. Advanced students are recommended to bring a portable computer (or tablet) with iMovie or similar semi-professional editing software.

In August: Meisner Intensive

Finally in August we revive our popular Meisner Intensive for twice-weekly classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August 1 to 24.

The Intensive incorporates the essentials of the Sanford Meisner technique in a four-week, skill-building accelerated summer session. This is not full-year Meisner technique packed into four weeks, however; it is an intensive introduction and exploration of the technique understood to make students better listeners, communicators and performers.

The Meisner Intensive is limited to 15 students (a smaller class size than we offer through the year) and provides more session time than we can during our normal course-of-study. Meisner technique is best for adults or experienced younger performers aged 15-and-up.