stand-up stockYou don’t have to be gifted to learn how to express yourself. You only need a willingness to laugh at your own life’s adventures. Westlake Acting Studio offers two classes that put public performance front-and-center: Stand-up comedy and Improv.

Most people fear these styles of expression because they are seemingly difficult, but here is the secret to both. There are steps and rules and guidelines that make anyone able to perform in either class. That’s right. Everyone has their own brand of humor and storytelling. These classes lay out the easy steps one takes that make “being funny” easy.

Stand Up Comedy and Improv classes meet one Monday a month from 6-8 pm. Improv is the 3rd Monday and Stand up is the 4th Monday of each month. September to May. These classes are affordable! There is a drop-in per class fee of just $15 for studio members ($25 for non-studio members).


Are you ready to Stand Up? To do stand up comedy in a classroom? Yes, aspiring comedians, there is a way to learn how to do stand up comedy outside of the usual hazing that accompanies the club circuit. Why drive all over town, wait your turn for two minutes of terror in a hostile environment, then trying to remember what worked and what didn’t while recovering from the terror?

This beginner’s class is for teens to adults. Class is not competitive. Everyone finds their way into their own humor at their own pace. So there will be no award given for “funniest person in class!” But you will leave with two minutes (or more!) of club-ready material. (The class is also perfect for people who fear speaking in public or who want to “kill” in the boardroom.)

At the end of the session (In May) each student will do their 4 minutes of collected humor for an audience of friends and family. Sounds scary? It is, but it’s also really fun, and every student is using their own material culled from the exercises and assignments given during the year. no magic, just determined work.


Everyone gets brave and everyone becomes fearless when the seemingly impossible is laid out for you as a series of steps that make up this wonderful risk taking game called Improv, do-able and fun. Anyone can do it, if they leave their expectations aside and just jump into the instruction.

Lisa Fredrickson

Lisa Fredrickson

Your improv class instructor is Lisa Fredrickson, an ensemble member of many Improv companies including Seattle Theatresports, SAK Comedy Lab Orlando, Disney’s Comedy Warehouse, Impro Theatre, and Inflatable Betty. She is the resident improv teacher at California Lutheran University. She was an original cast member of “Fellowship: The musical” in Los Angeles, performed at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, and performed steadily in “Boo” the improv show at New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Her TV credits include “Greek,” “Desperate Housewives,” and “The Tick.” She has been in numerous TV commercials, usually as some sort of uptight mother. She is currently in a masters program studying Spiritual Psychology. She is married to an amazing banjo player and she loves babies…and banjos…and babies who love banjos.